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“In terms of play options compared to the amount you might invest in a game Epigo is excellent. Few, if any, games have the sort of value Epigo has in terms of the rich variant options players have to explore.”
Cal Mardan, Yorkton This Week newspaper:

“Epigo truly strikes me as the love child of Robo Rally, Abalone, and Yomi”
8/10 – Josh Edwards,

“I am delighted with EPIGO and I can see keeping it in my basic game rotation for a long time. It offers variety, depth, originality, and insight. It is wonderfully interactive, rewards experience, and reveals interesting surprises. It plays quickly and it can be enjoyed by a wide variety of ages. I would not hesitate introducing it to gateway abstract gamers. EPIGO is one of the most original abstract games of the last decade.”
Mitchell Thomashow, The Opinionated Gamer:

“The large number of variants is also a great selling point – because the core mechanics stay the same while the victory conditions change, this is a game that will take a long time to master.”
Board and Bees:

Video Reviews

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