NOTE! Simpletons is currently unavailable for sale. If you are interested in the game, please contact us directly.

You are the Boss of a small tribe of Neanderthals. But you won’t stay Boss for long if you can’t prove your superiority over the other tribes. To prove your might, you must command your tribe to hunt, gather, or steal as many stones as possible. When the stones are all gone, the Boss with the most stones will be universally feared and respected. Stones give much power.

SIMPLETONS is a quick playing multiplayer card game that takes less than 5 minutes to learn, so you can jump right in and steal your neighbors stones!

In a game of SIMPLETONS, each player has a similar hand of cards, each displaying a single action. Every round, each player selects one card from their hand and plays it face down on the table. Once all players have selected their action, they flip their cards up and resolve them. Players continue to play rounds until all of the stones in the supply are gone.

Card selections include HUNT and GATHER – which allow you to take varying amounts of stones from the supply. Each deck also includes a RAID card for each opponent – which allows you to take half of their stones. Beware though, because every player has a DEFEND card, that will block opponents’ HUNT cards – effectively causing them to skip their turn.

SIMPLETONS plays quickly, regardless if you play it with 3 or 8 players – and features fun caveman cartoons.