Fire At Will!

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Fire at Will! is a real-time card game. Two players take on the role of airship captains in a fictional civil war era steampunk universe. Players play cards from 6 randomized command decks and play them into action piles in order to score successful shots against their opponent. While speed is important, accuracy is vital – one wrong play could cause your cannon to blow up during the Scoring Phase!
Fire at Will! features both beginner & advanced modes – allowing new players to learn the patterns of the game gradually. Intermediate mode introduces Battleflag cards, which can be played to mess with your opponent and provide additional scoring opportunities.
The Master Gunner cards add an additional layer to the game once you’re ready. This set of 4 cards for each faction provide fun ways to mess with your opponent.
Mac McAnally is a game designer who comes from the burgeoning New York City tabletop game design scene. His designs feature imaginative, theme-driven mechanics that provoke emotion and subtleties in player motivation and communication. Fire At Will is his first licensed game design.