Epigo is a two or four player strategy game that should feel both fresh and familiar. Epigo’s simultaneous action selection makes every round of the game exciting, even though Epigo features relatively simple rules and mechanics. Epigo is also modular – the boxed game includes rules for 21 variants, with more variants available on this website. Variants modify one or more of the core rules, providing unique challenges and adding countless hours of replayability.

The Rules

To win, be the first to capture three of your opponents’ Epigons by pushing them off the edge of the board. Epigons have a rank between 1 and 7 dictating the speed at which they move. At the start of every round, both players choose and stack three Orders from their hand. The top Order of a stack marks the first move, the middle tile is the second move, and the third tile is the last move. Each Order has arrows on one side, indicating the direction the corresponding Epigon will try to move. Once both players have locked in their moves, the stacks are revealed and unraveled. First, compare the top Order on each stack. The higher ranking Epigon moves one space in the direction shown on the arrows. Then the other Epigon (matching the lower priority Order) moves in the same manner. If both players reveal Orders of the same rank they cancel and neither Epigon moves (players often try to make this happen intentionally for various nefarious purposes). After three moves, players pick up all of their Orders and start the next round.

When moving an Epigon, one of three things will happen: it will Slide, Push, or be Blocked. When an Epigon moves into an empty space, it Slides into it. If that space is occupied however, the Epigon tries to Push in that direction instead. An Epigon must have a majority of friendly pieces moving in the same direction whenever it tries to Push otherwise the move is Blocked. The full rulebook contains detailed explanations of the movement rules, and is available on our website.

The boxed game accommodates up to 4 players in teams of 2, and introduces variant play. Be sure to look around this website for additional variants, instructional videos, strategy articles, and information about upcoming tournaments!

Epigo Rulebooks

ENGLISH – CORE RULEBOOK ENGLISH – VARIANT BOOK This book of 21 variants includes new deployments, interesting new challenges, and introduces new rules. It is included with every copy of Epigo.   KOREAN – CORE RULEBOOK / 한국 Epigo 규칙 EPIGO_CoreRulebook_KOREAN KOREAN – VARIANT RULEBOOK / 한국 Epigo 변형 규칙 EPIGO_ExpertRulebook_KOREAN  ITALIAN – CORE RULEBOOK / EPIGO: REGOLAMENTO EPIGO_CoreRulebook_ITALIAN …

Strategy Articles

Epigo Strategy – by developer Gabe Schwartz Click link above to view in PDF format Epigo – Strategy Session #1 Click link above to view in PDF format  


LION SET – SUMMER 2011  This set of internet variants introduces some new variants that utilize dry erase markers, which easily erase from the tile finish – as well as some additional variants that we created to celebrate the original release of Epigo. MULTIPLAYER VARIANTS – APRIL 2012 After plenty of playtesting, we released this …


The Epigo Board Game Geek Page: http://www.boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/103368/epigo   RUNNER-UP – GAMES MAGAZINE 2012 BUYER’S GUIDE – ABSTRACT STRATEGY   “In terms of play options compared to the amount you might invest in a game Epigo is excellent. Few, if any, games have the sort of value Epigo has in terms of the rich variant options players …